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Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Review: Great Sounds; Irritating Concept

Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Review: Great Sounds; Irritating Concept

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is among the cheaper name-brand wireless headsets, but big sound does not completely excuse its embarrassing build.

By Marshall Honorof 29 November 2017

Our Very Own Verdict

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is just one of the economical name-brand wireless headphones, but fantastic noise doesn’t fully excuse the embarrassing design.

  • Exceptional games and music noises
  • Luxurious ear canal glasses
  • Easy cordless connectivity


  • Awkward suit
  • Lackluster mic layout
  • Limited PC compatibility

Turtle coastline was once the standard for games headsets, blowing opposition out with a unique blend of convenience, visual appeals and sound quality. It failed to take very long for rivals to get wise, though, and Turtle Beach is just one single excellent wireless headset manufacturer in a veritable sea of various other good headset suppliers.

Enter the Turtle seashore Stealth 600 ($100), a radio headset for the PS4 or Xbox one which sounds great and does not pricing excessively. A name-brand wireless headset for $100 may seem like a superb offer. However, an awkward mic, a lack of convenience and a genuinely unpleasant suit make Stealth 600 a comparatively hard offer.

Turtle seashore generated many compromises using Stealth 600, but those compromises performed make they among the most affordable cordless gaming headsets in. Weigh your options accordingly.


The Stealth 600 seems like a relic of just-about-bygone “extreme” video gaming age, with sharp aspects bisecting the over-ear servings and either bright-green or dark-blue highlights, based whether obtain the PS4 or Xbox variation.

Of particular notice may be the growth microphone, which folds all the way right back, parallel with the ear mug. Its a fascinating halfway solution, neither as stylish as a mic that retracts into an ear glass nor as jarring as a mic that simply folds upwards.

The ear servings posses only a little swivel in their eyes, that will help all of them healthy comfortably, plus they fold right up for portability. Whilst the foam cushioning regarding the headband try luxurious and has many award, the extendable notches feeling cheap and finicky, so obtaining a good fit needs some learning from mistakes.

The left ear glass could possibly get very crowded, as it’s where you can find both amount dial and chat-volume switch, that are actually best alongside both. If you feel this feels like a confusing arrangement, you’re correct. Even though it’s pretty very easy to remember that the amount is on leading and cam volume is on underneath, its excessively an easy task to dial an inappropriate one in a heated time right after which question precisely why the game hasn’t become any quieter than before.

Beyond that, every buttons are very simple. The remaining ear mug (which also houses the charging you interface; just the right ear canal cup is actually favorably barren by comparison) provides an electrical option, a pairing key and an equalization button, which allows you to switch among four modes. While making the left ear canal mug the practical heart associated with whole tool is sensible from a cost-saving point of view, it is quite congested from design and visual views.


Turtle seashore boasts that the Stealth 600 utilizes tech labeled as “ProSpecs” to help make their ear cups convenient on people that wear cups. As a bespectacled individual, i could make sure the headset is actually abnormally effortless on the ears, handling to make good aural seal without previously pressing lower too difficult.

To start with, the headset felt like it might fall off any kind of time moment.

Every track I paid attention to was rich, simple and full of lives. From detailed flow keyboards elements, to refined vocal harmonies, to drum and bass beats that failed to block the actual melody, the Stealth 600 was actually just — and interestingly — among the best musical knowledge I had with a gaming wireless headset.

Bottom Line

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 Android dating sites delivers superlative noises for video gaming and musical, which is the most significant thing a video gaming wireless headset have to do. But does not compliment well, the style seems too packed and its own embarrassing Computer user interface renders updates and maintenance a chore. When you can live with a wired product, take a good look at the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms your mind profile far better and sounds coequally as good as. Or, should you insist on creating a radio headset and don’t mind keeping a close look aside for sale, an alternative choice is the outstanding Logitech G533, which will be typically designed for less than its $150 retail price.

For $100, you aren’t very likely to become another name-brand wireless wireless headset, aside from the one that has such excellent noises. The benefit and quality of sound by yourself may be worth the price; otherwise, you might have to sacrifice cordless features for things much more comfortable and functional.

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